Lanthanosuchus watsoni

lanthanosoochus skull
Lanthanosuchus watsoni -Efremov, 1946- skull
Parareptilia: Pareiasaurida: Nycteroleterina: Lanthanoshuchidae
Locality: Isheevo, Tatarstan, eastern European Russia
Age: Late Permian, 253 million years ago

In the middle Late Permian, very unusual parareptiles of the
genus Lanthanosuchus inhabited shoals in East Europe.
Its skull was so flat, that even rather weak jaw muscles could not fit inside,
so they passed outside the skull through special openings behind the eyes.
The thin skull roof was strengthened in Lanthanosuchus by numerous bony tubercles and
edges. It fed on small shelly crustaceans swarmed in shallow and warm coastal waters.
lanthanosuchus reconstruction
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