Dr. Nikolae Nikolaovitch Kalandadze

image of Nick Kalandadze
This is the only known image of Nick Kalandadze,
discovered in a Permian mudstone at an excavation near the Arctic Circle.
It is apparently in the context of a Middle Permian restaurant.
Born in 1939 in Mongolia with Russian ancestors and a Georgian surname,
Nick was initially a specialist in Dicynodon.
He described Lystrosaurus georgi which is include in this show.
After these initial successes his mind began to wander.
We have included with this catalog the text except from his new work on zoogeography.
Zoogeography demonstrates how species are related and further demonstrates
how ancient continents were once joined together.
The most famous example concerns Nick's own Lystrosaurus georgi.
This creature was found along formations in Russia, South Africa etc.
There was a strong correlation between all specimens found and
this became the basis of a proof for the then emerging theory of plate tectonics.
Plate tectonics is the drifting of the continents.
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Historical Zoogeography of Land Tetrapods
by N. Kalandadze
A. Rautian

Species described by Nikolai Kalandadze:
Lystrosaurus georgi
Calleonasus furvus
Edaxosaurus edentatus
Elatosaurus facetus

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