The Russian Dinosaur Exposition

Dr. Alexei Rozanov
Greetings from Professor Alexei Y. Rosanov, Director, Paleontological Institute
member Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences
(from his address at the grand opening of City Museum, October 23, 1997)
"Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues and friends,
the guests of the 'Russian Dinosaur Exposition'!
I am glad to greet you at our exhibition on behalf
of the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The Paleontological Institute in Moscow is among the largest paleontological research centers nowadays. Its Paleontological Museum represents one of the richest collection of fossils around the world. The 'Russian Dinosaur Exposition' is only a very small part of the exhibits displayed in our Museum. We have already demonstrated some of them in Arizona, Iowa, and New Jersey during our last exhibition,
'The Great Russian Dinosaurs', which had been brought to the United States after its tour in Australia. But the current exhibit is distinguished from all preceding ones by presence of some specimens that have never been displayed outside the Paleontological Museum in Moscow.
I hope the 'Russian Dinosaur Exposition' will be interesting for public, as such exciting paleontological specimens cannot seemingly leave anyone indifferent. And I would be especially glad, if children, the most desirable visitors, will like this exhibition and enlarge their knowledge and impression about the ancient nature of the Earth.
At the same time, this exhibition should serve for the development of scientific cooperation between our Institute and Museum, on the one hand, and American research centers and museums, on the other hand. These contacts were developing very successfully during last two decades and we hope for their prosperity in the future.
Iam very glad to welcome all guests of the 'Russian Dinosaur Exposition' and wish your visit will be interesting and pleasant."
Dr. Rozanov opening ceremony
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