Avimimus portentosus

avimimus skeleton
Avimimus portentosus -Kurzanov, 1981- skeleton
Archosauria: Saurischia: Maniraptora: Avimimidae
Locality: Udan Sayr, Gobi Desert, southern Mongolia
Age: Late Cretaceous (Campanian), 75 million years ago

A single known species of avimimids comes from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia.
This very unusual dinosaur shares with birds some characters in the structure of the
forelimb and shoulder girdle.
Small carnivorous dinosaurs or theropods are believed to have given rise to the birds.
The meaning of Avimimus, 'bird mimic' shows its relationship to
birds. Its discoverer, Dr. Sergi Kurzanov, called it a dinosaur that had
features in parallel with birds, perhaps even feathers.
The animal may have had short wings of limited use for flight.
It may even have been warm blooded.
drawing of skeleton of avimimus
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