Talarurus plicatospineus(Ankylosauridae)

ankylosaurus skeleton
Talarurus plicatospineus -Maleev, 1952- skeleton
Archosauria: Ornithischia: Ankylosauria: Ankylosauridae
Locality: Bayan Shiren, Gobi Desert, southern Mongolia
Age: Late Cretaceous (Santonian), 85 million years ago
Meaning of name: "basket tail"

The quadrupedal ankylosaurians appeared in the late Middle Jurassic.
They were the most heavily armoured dinosaurs and possessed a relatively small flattened head, short stout limbs and a pelvis without frontal extension of the pubis.
The most advanced members of this group, the ankylosaurs, were distinguished particularly by a club on the end of their tail.
They are known from the late Early Cretaceous to the end of Late Cretaceous.
This skeleton has the squat posture typical of ankylosaurs.
ankylosaurus at City Museum
Talarurus had a broad,hippopotamus-like chest, and its body was covered in
bony nodules (dermal ossicles) that were formed in the skin.
This ankylosaur also had a heavily armoured head, so it would have been
difficult for all but the largest of carnivores to have threatened it.
The bony armour may also have been helpful in regulating body temperature.
Although an almost complete skeleton ofTalarurus exists, it is yet to be described in
the scientific literature completely.

ankylosaurus reconstruction
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