*Joan de Cornwall
born about <1140 Cornwall, England>

*Rainald de Dunstanville Earl of Cornwall
born about 1110 Dunstanville, Kent, England
died 1 July 1175 Chertsey, Surrey

*Beatrice (Mabel) FitzRichard
born 1114 Cardinan, Cornwall
died 1162
married 1135

*Beatrice de Vaux born about 1149 Stoke, Devonshire, England died 24 March 1217
*Maud FitzRoy de Dunstanville of Cornwall born about 1143 Dunstanville, Kent, England
Ursula de Dunstanville born about 1145 Cornwall, England
Sarah de Dunstanville born about 1147 Cornwall, England
Nicholas de Dunstanville born about 1136 Cornwall, England died 1175
Hawyse de Dunstanville born about 1138 Cornwall, England
died after 21 April 1162 buried Christ Church, Twynham, England
daughter (Joan?) de Dunstanville born about 1140 Cornwall, England
daughter de Dunstanville born about 1142 Cornwall, England
Reginald de Dunstanville
Henry Fitzcount

*Ralph de Valletort
born about 1133 England

*Roger de Valletort Baron Tremberton born about 1165 Tremberton, England
died about 1207
*Joscelyn de Valletort born <1170> Tawton, England died England

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