*Cerdic King of Wessex
born 0467 Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany
died 0534 Wessex, England

born 0439 Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany


*Elesason of the Saxons born 0469 Saxony, Northern Germany


*Creoda King of Wessex
born 0493 Wessex, England

biographical and/or anecdotal:
*Cerdic, a patriarch of royalty in Saxony, landed in Hampshire in 495 and in 519 gained a victory at Charford. He was first crowned King of the West Saxons, when, as it is reported, the legendary King Arthur, who had his castle on the steep coast of Cornwall, yielded to him the section of land now known as Hampshire and Somerset. In 520, being unable to extend his rule west of the Avon and defeated at Badbury, co. Dorset, Cedric withdrew. Ten years later he conquered the Isle of Wight. He died in 534. Cerdic is said to be the founding figure of the West Saxon dynasty. However, much of this is obscure and not documented, subject to dispute by history scholars. There was no secure chronicle in the 6th century. (Wurts)

notes or source:
The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James