*Fernando I "The Great" King of Castile & Leon
born about 1016/18 Burgos, Spain
died 27 December 1065 Leon, Spain
buried Leon, Spain

*Sancho III King of Navarre
born about 0980 Navarre, Spain
died February 1035

*Munia Mayor of Castile
born about 0995 Castile, Spain
died 1067
married 1010

Garcia III King of Navarre

*Sancha Princess of Leon
born 1013 Leon, Spain
died 7 November 1067
married November or December 1032 Leon, Spain

*Alfonso VI "The Valiant" of Castile & Leon
born before June 1040 Burgos, Castile died 29 June 1109 Toledo, Castile
Garcia King of Castile & Leon & Galicia born about 1042 Burgos, Spain died 22 March 1090
Elvira Princess of Castile & Leon born 1038/39 Of Burgos, Spain died 15 November 1101
Urraca Princess of Castile & Leon born 1033/34 Burgos, Spain died 1101
Sancho II King of Castile & Leon born 1036/38 Burgos, Spain
died 7 October 1072 Zamora, Spain

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