*Alfonso VIII "The Noble" Sanchez King of Castile
born 11 November 1155 Soria, Castile
died 6 October 1214 Gutierre Munoz, Avila, Castile
buried Monasterio de las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile

*Sancho III "The Desired" Alfonsez King of Castile
born 1134 Toledo, Castile
died 31 August 1158 Toledo, Castile

*Blanca Princess of Navarre
born after 1133 Pamplona, Navarra
died 12 August 1156
married 30 January 1151 Catahorra, Logrono, Spain

Garcia Sanchez Prince of Castile born 1156 Soria, Castile died 1156

*Eleanor Princess of England
born 13 October 1162 Domfront, Normandie
christened Domfront, Normandie
died 25 October 1214 Las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain
buried Monasterio de las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain
married 22 September 1177 Burgos, Spain

*Berenguela Queen of Castile born January or June 1180 Burgos, Castile
died 8 November 1246 Burgos, Castile
Sancho Prince of Castile born 5 April 1181 Burgos, Castile died 14 July 1181
Fernando Prince of Castile born 29 November 1189 Burgos, Castile died 14 October 1211
Urraca Princess of Castile born about 1185 Toledo, Spain died 3 November 1220
buried Mosterio Santa Clara, Alcobaðca, Portugal
Leonor Princess of Castile born 1202 Burgos, Spain died 1244 Burgos, Spain
Sancha Princess of Castile born 20 March 1182 Burgos, Castile died after 3 1184 February
Constance Princess of Castile born about 1191 Burgos, Castile died 1243
Enrique I King of Castile born about 1183 Burgos, Castile
Mafalda Princess of Castile born about 1192 Burgos, Castile died 1204
*Blanca Alphonsa Princess of Castile born before 4 March 1188 Chateau De Palencia, Valencia, Almohadi
died 27 November 1252 Palais Du Louvre, Paris, France
buried 30 November 1252/53 Abbaye De Maubuisson, Maubuisson, France
Enrique I King of Castile born 14 April 1204 Burgos, Castile died 6 June 1217 Palencia, Leon
Constanza Princess of Castile born after 1203 Burgos, Castile died 1243

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