*Robert le Bruce Earl of Carrick
born July 1243 Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
died 4 March 1304 Palestine

*Robert le Brus "the Competitor" Lord Annandale
born1210 Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
died 31 March 1295 Lochmaben Castle Priory, Dumfrieshire

*Isabel de Clare
born 2 or 8 November 1226 Gloucestershire, England
died after 10 July 1264
married May 1240

*Christina Bruce born about 1256 Annandale, Scotland

*Margaret of Carrick
born about 1252 Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland
died 27 October 1292
married 1271 Turnberry Castle, Essex, England

*Mary le Bruce born about 1272 died before 22 September 1323
*Robert I "The Bruce" King of Scotland
born 11 July 1274 Writtle, Near Chelmsford, Essex, England
died 7 June 1329 Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Isabella le Brus died 1358
Edward le Brus Lord of Galloway King of Ireland
died 14 October 1318 Battle of Dundall, Ireland
*Maud (Matilda) le Brus born about 1282 Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland
died after September 1323
Sir Thomas le Bruce died 1307 Carlisle Castle, Scotland
Alexander le Bruce died 1307
Nigel de Bruce died 1306 Berwick
Christina le Bruce died 1357
Margaret le Bruce

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"Biographical Encyclopedia of the Kings & Queens of Great Britain" by Mike Ashley