*Etienne I "Tete-hardi" de Bourgogne
born 1066? Bourgogne, France
died 27 May 1102 Rama, Palestine

*Guillaume II de Bourgogne
born about 1040 Bourgogue, France
died 11 November 1087 France

*Stephanie (Etiennette) of Barcelona
born about 1044 Toulouse, France
died 30 Jun 1109

*Ermentrude De Burgundy born 1060? Bourgogne, France died after 08 March 1105
*Sibylle De Bourgogne born 1065 France died 1103
*Gisela (Gille) De Bourgogne born about 1060 Bourgogne, France died 1133
*Raymond De Bourgogne born about 1065 Dijon, France
died 24 May 1107 Grajal Do Campos, Leon

*Beatrix of Lorraine
born 1070 Lorraine, France

*Marguerite of Maçon died 1162
*Guillaume IV de Vienne, Maçon et Auxonne de Bourgogne
born about 1088 Vienne, France died 27 September 1155
*Renaud III of Bourgogne born about 1095 Burgundy, France died 1148

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