*Bernard King of Lombardy and Italy
born 0797 Vermandois, Normandy, France
died April 17, 0818 Milan, Italy

*Pepin (Pippin) (Carloman) Of Lombardy King of Italy
born 0776 (or April 0773)
died 8 July 0810 Milan

*Bertha of Toulouse
born 777 Of Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France


*Cunegonde de Laon
(end of information)

*Pepin II Quentin of Peronne de Valois Count of Vermandois
& Count Berenger of Bretagne Count of Bayeux

born Abt 0818 Of Vermandois, Neustria
died in 0892 Milan, Italy

biographical and/or anecdotal:
King of Lombardy and Italy, 810-818, crowned at the age of twelve. Bernard took up arms against Louis I King of France, and was deposed by him, blinded and put to death on April 17, 0818.

notes or source:
The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James