*Conrad II Count of Auxerre Margrave of Bourgogne
born 0825 Auxerre, France
died about 0887

*Conrad I d'Argengau Count of Auxerre
born about 0800 Burgundy, France

*Adela de Tours
born about 0802 Tours, France

*Welf (Guelph) I von Altdorf
born about 0818 Altdorf, Schwaben, Bayern

*Ermentrude Countess of Auxerre
born about 0830 Burgundy, France

*Rudolph I Duke of Bourgogne born about 0847 Burgundy, France died 6 October 0911
*Adelaide D'Auxerre born about 0849 Burgundy, France died after 14 September 0929
*Ansgarde Princess of Bourgogne born about 0844 Aix-La-Chappelle, Austrasia
died after 2 November 0879

spouse (2nd):
*Judith of Friuli
born about 0842
died after 0902

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Adalgunde de Bourgogne
died about 0902

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notes or source:
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