*Ernst "The Valiant" Margrave of Austria
born Abt 1024 Of, Tulln, Niederèoesterreich, Austria
died 9 Jun 1075

*Adalbert "The Victorious", Margrave of Austria
born Abt 0987 Of, Melk, Niederèosterreich, Austria
died 26 May 1055

*Frowila Princess Orseolo
born Abt 0991 Of, Venezia, Venezia, Italy
died Aft 17 Feb 1058
married Abt 1020 Of, Venezia, Italy

Leopold Margrave of Neumark
born Abt 1021 Of, Melk, Niederoesterreich, Austria
died 9 Dec 1043

*Adelheid Princess of the Ostmark
born about 1041 Meissen, Dresden, Saxony
died 1071
married Abt 1054 Meissen, Dresden, Saxony

*Leopold II "der Schöne" Margrave of Austria
born about 1055 Tulln, Niederèosterreich, Austria died 12 October 1096
Adelheid Margravine of Austria born about 1056 Tulln, Niederèoesterreich, Austria died 24 July
Adalbert I Count of Windberg born about 1057 Tulln, Niederèoesterreich, Austria died 21 June 1100
Justizia Margravine of Austria born about 1060 Tulln, Niederèoesterreich, Austria

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