*Maud (Matilda) d'Aubigny
born about 1141 Castle Arundel, Sussex, England
died after 1210

*William "Strong Hand" d'Aubigny
born about 1090 St. Sauveur, Manche, Normandie, France
died 12 October 1176 Abbey, Waverley, Surrey, England
buried 19 October 1176 Priory, Wymondham, Norfolk, England

*Adelicia Princess of Brabant
born about 1094 Brabant, Netherlands
died 23 April 1151 Affligham, Flanders, France
buried 23 April 1151 Reading Abbey, Reading, Berkshire, England

*William "le Breton" d'Aubigny Earl of Arundel born about 1140 Buckenham, Norfolk, England
died 24 December 1193 buried Priory, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Olivia d'Aubigny born about 1141 Castle Arundel, Sussex, England
*Godfrey d'Aubigny born about 1143 Castle Arundel,Sussex, England
Alice d'Aubigny born about 1145 Castle Arundel,Sussex, England
Agatha d'Aubigny born about 1147 Castle Arundel,Sussex, England
Rayner d'Aubigny born about 1149 Castle Arundel, Sussex, England
Henry d'Aubigny born about 1151 Castle Arundel, Sussex, England

*Gilbert Earl of Strathearne
born about 1150
died 1223

*Robert of Strathearne died before August 1244
*Ethne of Strathearne

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