*Arni Arnmodsson
born Abt 0977 Onundfjord, Norway
died 1024

*Arnmod Arnvidarsson
born Abt 0945 Onundfjord, Norway

*wife of Arnmod Arnvidarsson
born Abt 0950 Onundfjord, Norway
married Abt 0974 Norway
(end of information)

Arnfinnur Arnmodsson born Abt 0975 Onundfjord, Norway

*Thora Thorsteinsdatter
born Abt 0972 Of Onundfjord, Norway
married Abt 0989 Of Giske, More og Romsdal, Norway

*Finn Arnesson Jarl of Halland born Abt 1005 Of Osteraat, Yrje, Norway
Ragnhild Arnesdatter born Abt 1000 Norway
Thorberg Arnesson born Abt 0990 Giske, More og Romsdal, Norway died Abt 1050
Kalf Arnesson born Abt 1007 Of, Egg, Norway died 1051
Amund Arnesson born Abt 1009 Norway
Kolbjorn Arnesson born Abt 1011 Norway died 1030
Arnbjorn Arnesson born Abt 1013 Norway
Arne Arnesson born Abt 1015 Norway

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