*Ramâon Berenguer IV Prince of Aragon
born 1113 Of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
died 6 Aug 1162 Borgo San Dalmazzo, Cuneo, Italy

*Raimund Berenger III (IV) Marquis of Barcelona
born 11 Nov 1080/1082 Of Barcelona, Spain
died 19 Jun 1131

*Dulce Aldonza Milhaud
born Abt 1095 Of Gevaudan, Essonne, France
died 1190
married 3 Feb 1112

*Berenguela Raimundo De Barcelona born Abt 1116 Of Barcelona, Aragon
died 2 Feb 1148/1149 Palencia, Lâeon

*Petronila I Queen of Aragon
born Abt 1136 Of Huesca, Spain
died 13/17 Oct 1173 Barcelona, Spain
married 1151 Of Huesca, Spain

*Alfonso I (or II?) "The Chaste" King of Aragon
born Bef 25 March 1157 Huesca, Spain
died 25 Apr 1196 Perpignan, Pyrenees-Orientales, France
Pedro Prince of Aragon born 4 May 1152 Barcelona, Spain died (young)
Pedro Prince of Aragon born Abt 1158 Of Barcelona, Spain died 5 Apr 1181
Sancho Prince of Aragon born Abt 1161 Of Barcelona, Spain died 1223/1226 Tolosa, Guipuzcoa, Spain
Dulce (Aldonza) Princess of Aragon born Abt 1159 Of Barcelona, Spain
died 1 Sep 1198 Coimbra, Portugal buried Igreja da Santa Cruz, Coimbra, Cimbra, Portugal

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