*Mathilda (Maud) D' Apulia
born 1059 Apulia (Puglia), Calabria, Italy
died 1083

*Robert I "Guiscard" De Hauteville King of Sicily Duc de Apulia
born 1015 Coutances, Normandy, France
died 17 Jul 1085 Cephalonia, Italy

*Sigelgaita Princess of Salerno
born 1025
died Of Capua 27 Jul 1090

Roger Borsa Duc de Apulia
Sybille (Matilde) de Hauteville
Gui de Apulia
Robert de Apulia
Helene de Apulia
Mabile de Apulia
daughter de Apulia

spouse (1st):
*Raimund Berenger II (III) Count of Barcelona
born 1054 Barcelona, Spain
died 5 Dec 1082 murdered en route to Gerona, Catalonia, Spain
married 1078

children (from 1st marriage):
*Raimund Berenger III (IV) Marquis of Barcelona
born 11 Nov 1080/1082 Of, Barcelona, Spain
died 19 Jun 1131
Stephanie de Barcelona? died 30 June 1109

*Aimeri I Vct de Narbonne
born Abt 1055 Of Narbonne, Aude, France
died 1105 while on Crusade

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Aimeri II Vicompte de Narbonne
born 1081? Of Narbonne, Aude, France
died 7 Jul 1134

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