*Gunnora d'Aunou (Anjou)
born about 0984 France

*Herbastus (Herfast) de Crepon Prince of Denmark
born (estimated 0945)

*Cyrid Queen of Sweden
(end of information)

*Aveline (Wevia) (Duceline) de Crepon born 974 Longueville, Normandy, France; Died: France
*Senfrie (Sainfrie) de Crepon born about 0970 France
*Sibell de Crepon born (estimated 0973)
*Herfast de Crepon born about 0975 France

*Gilbert "Crispin" Count of Brionne
born about 0979 Normandy, France
died 1023 France

*Richard "de Tonbridge" "de Clare" Fitzgilbert
born about 1024 Bienfaite, Normandy, France
christened Brionne, Normandy, France
died about 1090 St Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England
buried Priory, St Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England
*Baldwin Fitzgilbert born about 1022 Meules, Normandy, France
christened Okehampton, Devonshire, England died 1090
*Hesila Crispin born about 1030 died about 1060
*Gilbert Seigneur de Tellieres born before 1038 Normandy, France
died after 1058

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