*Ermengarde Countess D'Anjou
born 1018 Of, Anjou, France
died 18/21 Mar 1076 Anjou, France

*Foulques III "Le Noir" Count D'Anjou
born 21 Jun 0967 Of, Anjou, France
died Bet 22 May & 21 Jun 1040 Anjou, France
(end of information)

*Hildegarde of Metz Countess D'Anjou
born Abt 0982 Of Metz, Germany
Died 1 Apr 1046 Jerusalem, Palastine
married 1000 Anjou, France
(end of information)

Elizabeth D'Anjou born Abt 1002 Of, Anjou, France
Geoffroy II "Martel" Count D'Anjou born 13 Oct 1006 Of, Anjou, France
died 14 Nov 1061 Angers Abbey, Angers, Anjou, France buried St Aubin, France

spouse (1st):
*Geoffroy II "Ferreol" Count of Gastinois
born Abt 1000 Of, Chateau Landon, Seine-et-Marne, France
died 1 Apr 1046 Anjou, France
married 1035 France

children (from 1st marriage):
*Foulques IV "Rechin" Count of Anjou born 1043 Of, Anjou, France
died 14 Apr 1109 Of, Anjou, France
Hildegarde De Gastinois born Abt 1041 Of, Courtenay, Loiret, France
Geoffroy III "le Barbu" Count D'Anjou born Abt 1039 Of, Anjou, France died 1096/1097

spouse (2nd):
*Robert Prince of France
born Abt 1011 France
died 21 Mar 1076 Fleury-Sur-Ouche, France
buried Abbaye De St Seine, Sâemur, Bourgogne
married 1048

children (from 2nd marriage):
*Hildegarde Princess of France born Abt 1049 Of, Bourgogne, France died Aft 1104

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