*Arsinde (Blanche) d'Anjou
born Abt 0945 Of Anjou, France

*Foulques II "le Bon" Comte d'Anjou
born about 0909 Anjou, France
died 11 November 0958 Tours, France

*Gerberge du Maine-Gatinais
born about 0913 Maine, France
died about 0952

*Adelaide d'Anjou born about 0938 Anjou, France
Bouchard IV Count of Vendome born about 0943 Vendome, Anjou, France died 1012
Aelips of Anjou born about 0936 Anjou, France
Drogon Puy born about 0934 Anjou, France died about 0934
*Geoffroy I "Grisegonnelle" Count of Anjou born about 0950 Anjou, France died 21 July 0987
Guy D'Anjou born about 0932 Anjou, France

*Guillaume III Taillefer
born about 0947 Toulouse, France
died September 1037
married about 0973 France

*Constance de Toulouse
born about 0986 Toulouse
died 25 July 1032 Melun, France
buried Abbaye de St Denis, Isle De France, France

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