*Wulgrim D'Angouleme De Taillefer
born Abt 0835 Maine, France
died 3 May 0886 Angoulãeme, Charente, Aquitaine, France

*Roricon Count of Maine
born Abt 0804 Maine, Normandy, France

*Blichilde wife of Roricon of Maine
born Abt 0809 Of, Maine, France
married Abt 0834 Of, Maine, Normandy, France
(end of information)

Bilichilde D'Anjou born Of, Anjou, France

spouse (1st):
*Sancha Of Septamania
born about 0830

children (from 1st marriage):
*Aminiaña de Taillefer of Angouleme born about 0861 Spain? died after 0904

spouse (2nd):
*Rosalinde De Plantevelue Countess of Agenois
born Abt 0842 Of, Toulouse, Haute, France
married Abt 0865 Of, Angoulesme, Charente, France

children (from 2nd Marriage):
*Alduin Count of Angouleme born Abt 0866 Of, Angouleme, Charente, France
died 25 Mar 0916
William I Perigord born Abt 0868 Of, Angouleme, Charente, France

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Apparently married sisters in succession.

notes or source:
LDS & ancestry.com