*Dreux de Vexin Compte d'Amiens
born abt 0990 Normandy, France
died June 1035 Bythinia, Asia Minor

*Walter II Count of Vexin Count of Valois
born about 0946 Vexin, Normandy, France
died 1017

*Adele Senlis Countess of Valois
born about 0960
died Isle De France 0991

*Alix of Vexin born about 0970 Mellent, Normandy, France
*Raoul II de Vexin born Abt 0980 Vexin, Normandy, France died Aft 1030
Adele De Bretuil

*Goda (Godgifu) Princess of England Countess of Vexin
born about 1004 Wessex, England
died 1055
married 1025

*Ralph "The Timid" Norfolk Earl Suffolk
born about 1026 Hereford, England died 21 Dec 1057
*Adele d'Amiens born about 1025? Boves, Somme, France
Walter of Mantes
Fulk d'Amiens

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Died in the Holy Land on the 1st Crusade.

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