*Engeberge von Altdorf
born 0826 Altdorf, Swabia, Bavaria
died 0890

*Louis II "the German" King of the East Franks
born Abt 0806 Of, France
died 28 Aug 0876 Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia
buried Lauresheim Abbey, Prussia

*Emma of Bavaria
born about 0810
died 31 Jan 0875/76
married 0827 Germany

*Carloman King of Bavaria and Italy born bef 0820 died aft 0880
Louis King of Saxony
Charles III "le Gross" of Germany

*Louis II "Le Jeune" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born Abt 0825 Alsace-Lorraine, Austrasia
died 31 Aug 0875, Italy buried St Ambroise, Milano, Italy
married 0855?

*Irmengarde D'Italia born abt 0848
*Gisela of Germany born about 0850
Louis of Germany born abt 0857
Charles of Germany born abt 0859

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