*John Henby Vore
born 6 September 1836 Chillicothe (LDS says Guernsey), Ross County, Ohio
died 25 July 1922

*Thomas C. Vore
born 1801 or 1809

*Ann Croy
born about 1801 or 1809 Pennsville, Homer Township, Morgan County, Ohio
married 25 January 1821 Guernsey, Ohio

Sarah V. Vore born 30 June 1842 died 16 November 1926
Vincent Vore
Mort Vore
Harriet Vore
born 1848
Sadie Vore

*Susannah Jane Crook
born 15 January 1838
died 17 June 1921
married 26 September 1857 Morgan County, Ohio

Robert Reynolds Vore born 1862
John Charles Vore born. 1863 married Annie Jackson
Carrol Frank Vore
born 1865 married Rachel Jackson
*Calvin Glen Vore
born 22 November 1867 Washington Courthouse or Chillicothe, Ohio
died 16 April 1940 Farmington, Missouri
Thomas Otis Vore born 1876, m. Zeffie Faulk

notes and/or sources:
I am also looking for a Crook surname in Morgan County, Ohio. My greatgrandmother
Agnes Brown Crook was born in McConnelsville, Morgan County, Ohio, in 1869.
I am awaiting a census for 1870 for Morgan County to look for her family.
According to family tradition, and what is known about the family,
her father was married twice,and AgnesBrown Crook was his youngest child by his first wife.
He was a farmer who lived into his 90's, was born in Ohio, and had moved east to settle in
Morgan County. Now the interesting fact that I know about my great grandmother is that at an
early age she was sent to live in Bluffton, Indiana to live with a family names Vohr,
the father of this family being a cabinet maker. Could this be the Vore family or the man who
married your Susannah Jane Crook? My great grandmother was not adopted by this family, but
it is quite possible that Susannah Jane Crook and Agnes Brown Crook were sisters.
Vore and Vohr could be a different spelling of the same name.

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