*Ralph de Stafford
born 24 September 1301 Tunbridge, Stafford, England
died 31 August 1372 England
buried 31 August 1372 Tonburton Priory, England

*Edmund de Stafford
born 15 July 1272 Clifton, Stafford, England
died 26 August 1308

*Margaret Bassett
born Abt 1280 Drayton, England
died 17 Mar 1336/1337
married Bef 1298 Of Drayton, Staffordshire, England

Richard De Stafford born 1302 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
William De Stafford born Abt 1306 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
Humphrey De Stafford born Abt 1308 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
Catherine De Stafford born 1304? Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
Elizabeth De Stafford born Abt 1305 Drayton, Staffordshire, England
Jacobus De Stafford born Abt 1308 Of, Drayton, Staffordshire, England
Margaret De Stafford born Abt 1306 Of Drayton, Staffordshire, England

*Margaret de Audley
born about 1312 Stafford, Staffordshire, England
died 7 September 1347 England
buried Priory, Tunbridge, Kent, England
married 6 July 1335 Stafford, Staffordshire, England

*Catherine Stafford born about 1340 Tunbridge, Stafford, England died December 1361
*Beatrice de Stafford born about 1341 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
died April 1415 Uffington, in Holderness, Yorkshire, England
Margaret de Stafford born about 1340/46 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England
Ralph de Stafford born about 1337 Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England died 1347
Joan de Stafford born about 1336 <Staffordshire, England> died before 1379
Elizabeth de Stafford born about 1304 Stafford Castle, Staffordshire, England died 7 August 1376
*Hugh de Stafford born 1334 Staffordshire, England died 16 October 1386 England

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