*Margaret De Quincy
born 1208 Lincoln, Lincoln, England
died Aft Mar 1265/6 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
buried Bef 30 Mar 1266 Hospitallers, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England

*Robert De Quincy
born Abt 1186/1188 Of, Winchester, (Buckley), Hampshire, England
christened 1219
died Aug 1257 London, Middlesex, England
buried Hospitallers, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England

*Hawise De Meschines
born 1160 Of, Chester, Cheshire, England
died Aft 6 June 1241
buried Bef 3 Mar 1242
married Abt 1207

Hawise De Quincy born Abt 1212 Of, Buckley, Northampton, England
Roger De Quincy born Abt 1210 Buckley, Northampton, England died 25 Apr 1264
Mabel De Quincy born Abt 1212 Of Buckley, Northamptonshire, England

*John De Lacy
born 1192 Lincoln, Lincoln, England
died 22 Jul 1240 Stanlaw, Chester, England
married 1223 Of Lincolnshire, England

*Maud De Lacy born Abt 1223 Of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England died Bef 10 Mar 1288/1289
Edmund De Lacy born 1230 Of Lincolnshire, England died 2 Jun 1258 buried Stanlaw Abbey
Idonea De Lacy born Abt 1226 Of Lincolnshire, England

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