*Blanca Princess of Navarre
born Aft 1133 Of Pamplona, Navarra
died 12 Aug 1156

*Garcias V (VI) "The Restorer" Ramirez King of Navarre
born about 1099 Navarre, Spain
died 21 November 1150

*Marguerite De L'Aigle Rotrou
born Abt 1100 Of Aigle, Orne, France
died 25 May 1141

*Sancho VI "The Wise" King of Navarre born 1132 Navarre, Spain
died 27 June 1194 Pamplona, Spain

*Sancho III "The Desired" Alfonsez King of Castile
born 1134 Of Toledo, Castile
died 31 Aug 1158 Of Toledo, Castile
married 30 Jan 1151 Catahorra, Logrono, Spain

*Alfonso VIII "The Noble" Sanchez King of Castile
born 11 Nov 1155 Soria, Castile
died 6 Oct 1214 Gutierre Munoz, Avila, Castile
buried Monasterio De Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile
Garcia Sanchez Prince of Castile born 1156 Of Soria, Castile died 1156

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