*Bran Fendigaid ap Llyr Llediaith King of Siluria
born about 0060

*Llyr Llediaith (King Lear) ap Baran
born about 0020

*Penarddun wife of Llyr Llediaith ap Baran
(end of information)


*Enygeus wife of Bran Fendigaid ap Llyr Llediaith
(end of information)

*Caradoc (Caratacus) ap Bran
born about 0080 Trevan, Llanilid, Glamorganshire, Wales
died Siluria (Monmouthshire)
Bran (Brons) ap Bran

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Bran, King of Siluria, also commander of the British fleet. In the year A.D. 36 (should that be 0136?) he resigned the crown to his son Caradoc and became Arch-Druid of the college of Siluria, where he remained some years until called upon to be a hostage for his son. During his seven years in Rome he became the first royal convert to Christianity, and was baptized by the Apostle Paul, as was his son Caradoc and the latter's two sons, Cyllinus and Cynon. Henceforth he was known as Bran the Blessed Sovereign. "He was the first to bring the faith of Christ to the Cymry." His recorded proverb is: "There is no good apart from God." He introduced the use of vellum into Britain.

notes or source:
ancestry.com & HBJ
King Caradoc's birth-book (pedigree register) records his own as well as others' descent from illustrious ancestors, through thirty-six generations from *Aedd Mawr.