*Irmengarde d'Italia
born abt 0848

*Louis II "Le Jeune" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
born Abt 0825 Alsace-Lorraine, Austrasia
died 31 Aug 0875, Italy buried St Ambroise, Milano, Italy

*Engeberge von Altorf
born 0826 Of Altorf, Swabia, Bavaria
died 0890
married 0855

*Gisela of Germany born about 0850
Louis of Germany born abt 0857
Charles of Germany born abt 0859

*Boso d'Autun Dux de Provence
born about 0840
died 11 January 0886/87
married 0876

*Ermengarde de Burgundy born bef 0880 died bef 12 Apr 0935
*Willa Von Swabia born Abt 0874 died 14 Jun 0929
Engelberga de Provence de Aquitaine born 0877 died 917
Louis III "the Blind" de Provence born 0880 died 0928
(married Anna of Byzantium)
*unnamed daughter of Boson of Provence
*Berillo I de Vienne

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