*Bertha de Pitres of Gloucester
born about 1130 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

*Miles de Gloucester Earl of Hereford
born about 1092 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
died 24 December 1143 Llanthony, Priory, Gloucester, England
buried Llanthony, Priory, Gloucester, England

*Sybil de Neufmarche
born about 1096 Aberhonwy, Brons.,Wales
died after 1143 Gloucestershire, England
buried Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, England
married April or May 1121

Roger Fitzmiles born about 1118 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
christened Hereford, Hereford, England died 1155 England
buried Llanthony Priory, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Walter Fitzmiles born about 1124 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England died 1159/60 England
*Margaret de Gloucester born about 1126 Gloucester, England died England
Henry Fitzmiles born about 1128 Gloucester, England died 1159/63 England
Mahel Fitzmiles born about 1132 Gloucester, England died about 1163/64 England
William Fitzmiles born about 1128 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England died before 1166 England
Lucy De Gloucester born about 1136 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England died England
Mabel Hereford born about 1130 <Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England>died about 1163/64

*William De Braose Lord of Abergavenny and Brechnock
born about 1100 Bramber, Sussex, England
died about 1192 England
married Abt 1148 Of, , Herefordshire, England

Roger de Braose born about 1159 Bramber, Sussex, England died England
Miss de Braose born about 1161 Bramber, Sussex, England died England
Giles de Braose born about 1163 Bramber, Sussex, England died England
*Bertha de Braose born about 1151 Bramber, Sussex, England died 1170 England
*William De Braose born about 1153 Bramber, Sussex, England
died 9 August 1211 Corbeil, Marne, France buried 10 August 1211 France
Reginald de Braose born about 1155 Bramber, Sussex, England died 1225 England
*Sibilla Braose born about 1157 Bramber, Sussex, England
died after 05 February 1227/8 England
Isabel de Braose born about 1154 Bramber, Sussex, England
Gillian de Braose born about 1158 Bramber, Sussex, England
John de Braose born about 1160 Bramber, Sussex, England
Philip de Braose born <1126 Herefordshire, England>
Matilda de Braose born about 1150/1160 <Herefordshire, England>
Engeram de Braose born <1154 Bramber, Sussex, England>

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