*Rohese Giffard
born 1034 Longueville, Normandy, France
died after 1133

*Walter Giffard
born about 1010 Longueville, Normandy, France

*Agnes Ermentrude Fleitel
born about 1014 Longueville, Normandy, France
died France
married about 1025? France

Hugh Giffard born <1045> Beuff, Normandy, France
Adelaide Giffard born about 1036 Longueville, Normandy, France
William Giffard born about 1038 Longueville, Normandy, France
Isabella Constance Catherine Giffard born about 1041 Longueville, Normandy, France
Lora Giffard born about 1043 Longueville, Normandy, France
*Walter Giffard born about 1030 Of, Longueville, Normandy, France
died 15 July 1102 England buried Longueville, Normandy, France

*Richard "de Tonbridge" "de Clare" Fitzgilbert
born about 1024 Bienfaite, Normandy, France
christened Brionne, Normandy, France
died about 1090 St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England
buried Priory, St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England

*Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare born about 1065 Clare, Suffolk, England
died 1114/17 England
Miss (Fitzgilbert) de Clare born about 1055f Normandy, France
*Ronais Fitzgilbert born <1060 <Of, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, England>
Roger Fitzrichard born about 1050 Bienfaite, Normandy, France died after September 1131
Walter Fitzrichard born about 1058 Chepstow, Monmouthshire, England died 10 March 1137/38
*Richard de Clare born 1062 Tunbridge, Kent, England died 1107 England
*Robert (FitzRichard) de Clare born 1064 Tunbridge, Kent, England died 1136 England
buried Priory, St Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England
*Rohese Fitzrichard De Clare born 1067 Tunbridge, Kent, England died 1121 England
Adeliza De Clare born 1069 Tunbridge, Kent, England died Abt 1138 England

biographical and/or anecdotal:
If these dates are correct this woman lived to be almost 100 years old.

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