*Matilda (Maud) Empress of Germany
born before 5 August 1102 London, Middlesex, England
died 10 Sepptember 1169 Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
buried Bec Abbey, Le Bec-Hellouin, Eure, France

*Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England
born 1068 Selby, Yorkshire, England
christened 5 August 1100 Selby, Yorkshire, England
died 1 December 1135 St. Denis, Seine-St. Denis, France
buried 4 January 1136 Reading Abbey, Reading, Berkshire, England

*Matilda "Atheling" Princess of Scotland
born about 1079/80 Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
died 1 May 1118 Westminster, Middlesex, England
buried June 1118 Church of St Peter, Westminster, Middlesex, England
married 11 November 1100 Westminster, London, Middlesex, England

Richard Prince of England born about 1105 England died 26 September 1119 At Sea, Barfleur, Manche, France
William "Atheling" Prince of England born before 5 August 1103 Selby, Yorkshire, England
died 26 November 1119 At Sea, Barfleur, Manche, France
Son Prince of England born July 1101 England died 1101/02
*Elizabeth Princess of England born about 1095 Talby, Yorkshire, England
*Constance Princess of England born about 1100

*Geoffrey V "le Bon" Plantagenet
born 24 August 1113 Anjou, France
died 7 September 1151 Chateau, France
married 22 May 1127 Le Mans, Sarthe, France

*Henry II "Plantagenet" King of England born 5 March 1133 Le Mans, Sarthe, France
died 6 July 1189 Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, France
buried 8 July 1189 Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault, Maine-Et-Loire, France
Agnes Plantagenet born about 1130 < Le Mans, Sarthe, France> died 1192 Anyore, England
Geoffrey VI "Mantell" Plantagenet Count of Nantes born 3 June 1134 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
died 27 July 1157 Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France buried Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France
Guillaume Plantagenet Count of Poitou born 22 July 1136 Argentan, Orne, France
died 30 January 1163/1164 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France buried Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
Emma Plantagenet Princess of Wales born about 1138 Normandy, France

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