*Amice De (Uta) Gael (Waiet) Countess of Leicester
born Abt 1108 Of Norfolk, England
married Aft Nov 1120 Of Brittany, France

*Ralph De Waiet
born Abt 1078 Of, Montfort, Normandy, France

*Avise (Emma?) (Amice?) Fitzosbourne
born 1075? Of Norfolk, England
(end of information)


*Robert "Bossu" De Beaumont Earl of Leicester
born 1104 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
died 5 Apr 1168 England
buried Leicester Abbey, Leicester, Leicestershire, England

*Robert "Blanchmains" Harcourt Earl of Leicester
born Abt 1121 Of Beaumont, France died 31 Aug 1190 Durazzo Provence, West Albania
Geoffrey De Beaumont born Abt 1146 Of Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Roger De Beaumont born Abt 1128 Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Lady (Elizabeth) De Beaumont born Abt 1140 Of Leicester, England
*Margaret De Beaumont born Abt 1125 Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Gervace De Beaumont born Abt 1138 Of Leicester, Leicestershire, England
William De Beaumont born Abt 1142 Of, Hambleton, Buckinghamshire, England
John De Beaumont born Abt 1144 Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Henry De Beaumont born Abt 1148 Of, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
*Hawise "De Beaumont" of Leicester born Abt 1129 Of Leicestershire, England died 24 Apr 1197
*Isabel Or Elizabeth De Beaumont born Abt 1121 Of Leicestershire, England died Aft May 1188

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