*Henry Seigneur de Ferrers et Chambrey
born about 1036 Ferrieres, Normandy, France
died 1088 Castle Tutbury, Staffordshire, England
buried Castle Tutbury, Staffordshire, England

*Lord Vaugelin (Walcheline) de Feriers
born Abt 1010
died 1089?


*Gundella (Gunred) (Gundreda) Ferrers born about 1036 Normandy, France
Isbel De Ferrers born 1040 Normandy, France
Hugh Ferrers born 1038 Normandy, France died 1204

*Bertha Roberts
born about 1040 Gostenois, Normandy, France
died Darley, Derbyshire, England
married about 1061 Normandy, France

Enguenulf de Ferriers
William de Ferriers
*Robert de Ferrers First Earl of Derby
born about 1062 Derbyshire, England
christened Charterley, Staffordshire, England
died 1139
*Gundred de Ferrers born before 1090 <Derbyshire>, England
Emmeline Ferriers

biographical and/or anecdotal:
*Henry de Ferriers, son of *Walcheline de Feriers, obtained from William the Conqueror, a grant of Tutbury Castle, Stafford, with extensive possessions in other shires, of which one hundred and fourteen manors were in Derbyshire. He must have been of considerable rank, not only from those enormous grants, but from the circumstances of his being one of the commissioners appointed by King William to make the Grand Survey, the Domesday Record, of the kingdom. He was the founder of the priory of Tutbury, which he liberally endowed.

Crispin and Macary report: " Henry de Ferrieres is referred to by Wace thus;" Henri li sire de Ferrieres," and he who then held Tillieres. He was seigneur de Saint Hilaire de Ferriers near Bernay and the son, of Walkelin de Ferrers, who fell in a contest with Hugh de Montfort I. early in the reign of Duke William, in which both of these noblemen were killed. He had an older brother William, also reported at Hastings, undoubtedly well advanced in years at that time, who died before the compilation of Domesday, where his name does not appear. Henry de Ferrers received 210 manors, 114 of which were in Derbyshire. The seat of his chief barony was Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire, which had previously belonged to Hugh Lupus, but upon the latter becoming the Earl of Chester in 1071, it was granted to Henry de Ferrers, who founded nearby a Cluniac monastery. Henry was appointed one of the commissioners for the general survey in 1085 and richly endowed the priory of Tutbury in 1089.

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