*Elizabeth Duck
born 5 May 1660 Lurgan, Parish of Shankill, County Armagh, Ireland
died 1711-1714 Pennsbury Township, Chester, Pennsylvania

*Ezekeliah Duck
born about 1628 Armagh, Ireland
(end of information)

*Hannah Hoope
born about 1632 Armagh, Ireland


*George Harland
born 11 March 1649 Durham, England
christening 11 March 1650 Monastery of Monkwearmouth in Oald England, England
died 5 July 1714 Brandywine Creek, Kennett Township, Chester, Pennsylvania
married 17 September 1678 Lurgan, Shankill, Armagh County, Ireland

*Moses Harlan born about 20 December 1683 Donnahlong Parish, Down, Ulster, Ireland
died 29 March 1749 Menallan Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Ezekiel Harlan born 16 August 1679: County Down, Ireland
died 15 June 1731 County Durham, England
Hannah Harlan born 04 February 1680/81 County Down, Ireland
died before 1748 Newcastle County, Delaware
Aaron Harlan born 24 December 1685 County Down, Ireland
died November 1732 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Rebecca Harlan born 17 October 1688 Newcastle County, Delaware
died 17 October 1775 Kennett Townshipp, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Deborah Harlan born 28 October 1690 Newcastle County, Delaware
James Harlan born 19 October 1692 Newcastle County, Pennsylvania
died after 1760 Frederick County, Virginia
Elizabeth Harlan born 09 October 1694 Newcastle County, Delaware
died after 1754 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Joshua Harlan born 15 January 1694/95 Newcastle County, Delaware
died July 1744 Chester County, Pennsylvania

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Alphaeus Harlan citing the Marriage Book of Lurgan Mo.Mtg., p.91: "George Harland, of Parish of Donahlong, Co. Down, Ireland, and Elizabeth Duck, of Lurgan, Parish of Shankill, Co.Armagh, were married "at the house of Marke Wright in ye Parish of Shankill," 9 Mo. 17, 1678.
Signers to the certificate: Henry Hollingsworth, Wm.Porter, George Harland, John Calvert, Timothy Kirk, Elizabeth Harland, Roger Kirk, Alphonsus Kirk, Robert Hoope, Elinor Hoope, Deborah Kirk, Thomas Harland

notes or source: