*Agnes de Dammartin
born about 1166 Buckinghamshire, England

*Aubrey (Alberic) II Count of Dammartin
born 1135? Dammartin, Seine-et-Marne, France
died 19 September 1200 London, Middlesex, England
buried Abbaye de Jumieges, Jumieges, Seine-Maritime, France

*Mathilda (Maud, Mahaut) de Ponthieu
born 1138? Ponthieu, Ain, France
died after October 1200
married before 1180

*Simon II Count of Dammartin born about 1180 Dammartin, Seine-et-Marne, France
died 21 September 1239 Abbeville, Somme, France buried Valoires, France
*Juliane de Mello de Dammartin born about 1168 Dammartin, France

*William de Fiennes
born about 1160 Wendove, Buckinghamshire, England
died 1240/41

*Enguerrand Ingelram de Fiennes born about 1210 Toleshunt, Essex, England
died 1265 Conde, Calivados, France
William de Fiennes born about 1200 Martock, Somerset, England
Baldwin de Fiennes born 1190 Buckinghamshire, England
Miss de Fiennes born about 1188 Buckinghamshire, England

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