*Thomas Cox
born about 1630 Hertfordshire, Western, England
died 16 August 1681 Middletown, Upper Freehold, New Jersey
buried August 1681 Middletown, Monmouth Co., New Jersey
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*Elizabeth Blashford
born about 1632 Herefordshire, England
died probably Maspeth Kills, Long Island, New York or
after 16 January 1690/1691 Monmouth Tract, New Jersey
married 22 April 1665 Maspeth Kills, New York
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*James Cox
born 18 August 1672 Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
died 24 October 1750 Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Thomas Cox
John Cox
Joseph Cox

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Notes for Thomas Cox:
From Regina Barry's WWW page:
DEATH-RELATIONSHIP: John E. Stillwell, MD, HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL MISCELLANY, vol VI. UNRECORDED WILLS & INVENTORIES, MONMOUTH CO NJ. ; 1680-1750 ; New Orleans, LA. Polyanthos, 1975 ; pg 40 ; Monmouth Co. NJ Historical Association, Freehold NJ. NOTE: Dated Aug 16, 1681. Items included a weavers loume, house and 267 acres of upland, cattle, household goods, etc. The total
was L65-17-00.
BIOGRAPHY: In the Public Record Office in London, a Thomas Cox was licensed, with 2 others, to pass to Virginia. The first definate record of him is his marriage license, dated 22 Apr 1665, issued in Newtown, Long Island. In the autumn of 1665, a colony settled at Middletown and Shrewsbury, NJ. Most of the settlers were Baptists and Quakers, however there are no records of Thomas Cox belonging to either church. He obtained land in Middletown, NJ by the Nicolls patent, but (unusual for the time) Thomas Cox recognized the right of the Indians to their lands and paid them for his share of the patent. He was chosen as overseer of the fences in 1667, and registered an earmark for cattle on 4 Jan 1668 - Thos Cocks his marke is the top of the right eare cutt off and a
swallow taile and a hole in the left ear. Thomas Cox served in a variety of public offices, including 'rate maker' of the town, constables' assistant, town deputy and town overseer. He initialled a document Tc on 8 Nov 1673. By 1676 he was chosen a deputy to meet the Governor and his council at Woodbridge. At his death, he is described as having left a widow and six children, two of them
very small.

Notes for Thomas Cox:
Thomas Cox, a native of Herefordshire, England, was reputedly a man of ability, education, and prominence. He settled upon Long Island, New York, where
he married Elizabeth Blashford, of Maspeth Kills, by license dated April 22, 1665. It is said that he was a brother of John Cox, who was drowned in the
Pisarcke River, in 1674.
With the development of New Jersey, Thomas Cox, of Maspeth Kills, joined with others in their migration to the Monmouth Tract (NJ).
1667: Thomas Cox, of Middletown, one of the first settlers, bought land of Indians.
1668: Thomas Cox, with three others, was chosen to make prudential laws for the newly formed settlement of Middletown.
1675: Thomas Cox and his wife, received for their rights as first settlers, two hundered and forty acres of land
1676: Thomas Cox received a grant of two hundred and sixty-nine acres of land in Middletown
Thomas Cox was a frequent Juryman according to Freehold records. He, apparently, died young.
1681, August 16: Inventory of the estate of Thomas Cox, of Middletown,
was taken, and amounted to L20-17-0, personal estate.

(Vol.3, Stillwell's Historical Miscellany of New York and New Jersey)

Cox, Thomas (d. 1681), from Eng., was at Marshpath Kills, at head of Newtown Creek, Long Island, 1665; a patentee of Monmouth tract, East Jersey;
settled at Middletown, New Jersey 1665; founder Baptist Church, Middletown, New Jersey; overseer, deputy, town agent; with three others was chosen to
make prudential laws for the newly formed settlement of Middletown, 1668; received 240 acres, 1675; received 269 acres, 1676;
juryman; departed to meet governor and council at Woodbridge, 1676; m. 1665, Elizabeth Blashford.

(The Compendium of American Genealogy, p.740)

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