*John Cox
born 1 November 1727 Monmouth, New Jersey?
died 1782 Lincolnton, North Carolina

*Thomas Cox
born Monmouth, New Jersey
died before 1747 Monmouth, New Jersey

*Lidia Hankinson
born about 1704
married 1717 New Jersey
(end of information)

Mary Cox
Anne Cox

*Margaret Morris
born 1 October 1732
died 15 August 1799 Lincolnton, North Carolina
married about 1750

Morris Cox born 26 September 1751 died 22 April 1804 Lincolnton, North Carolina
Rebecca Cox born 22 March 1755
Aaron Cox Sr. born 2 October 1757
Mary Cox born 14 October 1761 Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey
died 15 December 1847 Lincolnton, North Carolina
Paul Cox born July 1763
Rachel Cox born 3 September 1765
Nancy Ann Cox born 19 August 1767
*Elizabeth Cox born 16 February 1769 in New Jersey died 1844 Johnson County, Missouri
Elisha Cox born 6 October 1771 died 1824
Susannah Cox born 24 March 1773
Elijah Cox born 17 January 1775

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Notes for John Cox:
He moved from Monmouth County, New Jersey, with wife, Margaret, to North Carolina. Family history says that "John Cox and his whole family were patriotic Whigs and that the women of the family prepared food and baked bread for the soldiers. Another family anecdote has it that when General Greene was passing through North Carolina from the battle at Cowpens, South Carolina on his way to Virginia, he and his army passed by the Sullivan/Cox land where the family women baked bread for his soldiers.".

John and his wife, Margaret, were both buried in the Cox/Sullivan Cemetary, located on the Craig & Dolores Wood estate, 464 Burton Wood Lane, Lincolnton, N.C. (Their original tombstones were still legible when viewed by descendant James B. Wood on May 1, 1992). It is located on a wooded hill in an isolated area on the west bank of Rock Dam Creek, about 200 yards west of NC Hwy 27, and about 400 yards northwest of St Dorothy's Catholic Church. "There are many graves in this cemetary which are simply marked by a rough fieldstone. The graveyard is on a small rising on the side of the main hill. The whole hill is covered with an adult forest in which the trees tower into the sky, providing a cool, peaceful, and melancholy setting in which the grays and blacks of the tombstone stand majestic."
He was granted land in North Carolina in August, 1782 for patriotic service during the Revolutionary War. (North Carolina Revolutionary War Acconts, Vol. XII, p.50, folio 2).
More About John COX:
Burial: Cox & Sullivan Family Cemetery, Lincolnton, Lincoln County, NC
Military: U S Continental Army

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