*Isobel Condet
born about 1155 Thurrock, Essex, England

*Roger de Condet Lord of Coventry
born about 1128 Coventry, Lincolnshire, England

*Alice de Cheney Lady of Thorngate Castle
born about 1132 Thorngate Castle, Lincolnshire, England
married about 1153 Thorngate Castle, Lincolnshire, England

*Agnes de Condet born about 1160 Cavenby (Coventry?), Lincolnshire, England

*Hugh Bardolf
born about 1146/55 Thurrock, Essex, England
married about 1180 Thurrock, Essex, England

*Isolda (Iseude) Bardolf born about 1168? Hoo, Kent, England died before 18 Jun 1246
Juliana Bardolf born about 1168 Tockington, Gloucestershire, England
Beatrice Bardolf born about 1198 Great Carleton, Lancashire, England
Cecilia Bardolf born about 1178 Great Carleton, Lincoln, England
Matilda Bardolf born about 1180 Great Carleton, Lincoln, England
Hugh Bardolf born about 1172 Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, England
Robert Bardolf born about 1174 Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, England
Daughter Bardolf born about 1182 Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, England

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