*Joan (Margaret) de Cobham (Lestrange)
born about 1316? Cobham, Kent, England
died before 13 May 1357

*John de Cobham
born about 1280 Cobham, Kent, England
died 25 February 1354/55
buried 25 February 1354 Cobham, Kent, England

*Joan Beauchamp
born about 1282 Hatch, Somersetshire, England
died after 1343
buried Stoke, Kent, England
married about 1308 Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, Somersetshire, England

John De Cobham born about 1321 Cobham, Kent, England
died 10 January 1407 Cobham, Kent, England buried Grey Friars, London

*Philip Le Despencer
born 6 April 1313 Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England
christened Camoys Manor, Toppesfield, Essex, England
died 23 August 1349
married about 1341

*Philip Despencer
born 18 October 1342 Gedney, Lincolnshire, England
died 4 August 1401 Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England

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notes or source:
There is another John Cobham (born 1273) son of another Henry Cobham but he died in 1314 before Joan was born.
All were the sons and the grandsons of *John Cobham (born 1220) and *Maude Fitzbenedict.
Also there are two Joan Beauchamps daughters of John Beauchamps.
The 1308 Joan could not marry in 1308 for a 1316 daughter *Joan Cobham.
therefore the 1280 Joan is used.