*Clodius "Long Haired" of the Franks King of Westphalia
born 0380 Westphalia
died 0447

*Pharamond of the Franks
born about 0370 Westphalia, Germany
died 0430

*Argotta of the Franks
born about 0376 France
married 0394

*Fredemundus <born about 0395>
Adelbertus of the Franks Duke of Moselle
<born about 0400>

*Basina de Thuringia
born before 0398 Thuringia, Germany
married about 0414 France

*Merovaeus Merovee (Meerweg)(Merovech) born 0411 France died 0458
*Sigimerus I Auvergne born about 0419 Westphalia, Germany
*Adelbert Duke of Moselle born about 0425 Moselle, France died 0491

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ancestry.com & HBJ
According to various sources Adelbert is a son or a brother.