*Berta de Clifford Fitzpons
born about 1120 Bronllys Castle, Breconshire, Wales

*Richard FitzPons Clifford Lord of Cantref Bychan
born about 1079 Lahnyndhry Castle, Wales
died 1129 Bronllys Castle, Breconshire, Wales

*Maude FitzWalter of Gloucester de Pitres of Wales
born 1085 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
died Frampton, Gloucestershire, England
married about 1113 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

*Walter de Clifford I died 1113 Clifford, Hertford, England 1190
Simon Fitzpons born about 1114 Bronllys Castle, Breconshire, Wales
Roger Fitzpons born about 1125 Llandovery, Wales died Aft 1205

*Elias "The Boy" Giffard II
born 1095 Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England
died 1166 Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England

Richard Giffard born about 1138
*Elias Giffard III born 1145 Brimesfield, Gloucestershire, England
died 1190 Brimesfield, Gloucestershire, England

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