*Mary Chastain (Ducray)
born 1709 Manakin Town, Henrico County, Virginia
died 1729 Goochland County, Virginia

*Dr. Pierre (Peter) Chastain
born 9 April 1659 Charost, Beri Province, France
died 3 October 1728 Manakintowne, King William Parish, Henrico County, Virginia

*Anne Soblet
born 1675 Sedan Provence, Champagne, France
died 3 April 1723 Manakin, Henrico County, Virginia
married 1701 Virginia

Pierre Chastain Jr. born 1707 Manakintowne, Henrico County, Virginia died 1756 Buckingham County, Virginia
Judith Chastain born 1703
Susanna Chastain born 1795?
Elizabeth Chastain born about 1711
Rene Chastain born about 1713
Jane Chastain born about 1716
Marie Magdalaine Chastain born about 1721

*Thomas Pruitt
born about 1693 Varina Parish, Henrico County, Virginia
died about 1759 Catawba Creek, Halifax County, Virginia
buried about 1759 Catawba Creek, Halifax County, Virginia
married 1721 Henrico County, Virginia

Michael Pruitt born between 1721and 1729
*David Pruitt born between 1721/29 probably Halifax County Virginia
died before 1811 probably Spartanburg County South Carolina
Thomas Pruitt born between 1721and 1729
Abraham Pruitt born between 1721and 1729
Rene Pruitt born between 1721and 1729

biographical and/or anecdotal:
*Thomas Pruitt Sr. married *Mary Chastain Ducray , the widow of Nicholas Ducray. Mary and Nicholas were French Huguenots, and this is beleived to be the only Huguenot connection with the Pruitt family. Mary was the daughter of *Dr. Pierre Chastain. Thomas and Mary settled further up the James River from his father's land at Almond Creek, for when Goochland County was formed from Henrico County in 1727, Thomas was one of the first residents.
Thomas purchased land on Stocks Creek , Amelia County , VA in 1737 , and resided there until his move to Southern Virginia. On July 19, 1745 Thomas began to dispose of his land holdings on Stocks Creek and over the next two years, purchased 1,000 acres on Catawba Creek in Brunswick (Lunenburg) County, Virginia. In 1752 , the portion of Lunenburg County where Thomas lived was placed in the newly organized Halifax County.
On May 16 , 1759 , *Thomas Prewitt , blacksmith , gave his three sons John a farmer , Renny and Abraham 150 acres each on Catwba Creek , Halifax County. All these deeds were witnessed by Thomas Jr. and William. It appears that Thomas Sr. died about 1759, and that his son Thomas Jr. gained control of his estate.

notes or source:
(Source: (1) TREE# 4315 VOL # 1. Tree #4989 vol. 1 Patent book # 1, (2) PRUITT ANCESTORS BY CHARLES DILLON.)