*Jordan de Champernon
born about 1121 Umberleigh, Devonshire, England
died after 1152

*Jordan de Champernon (Campo Arnulfi)
born about 1096 England?
died before 1190
(end of information)..

*Mabel de Soligny
born 1093 Umberleigh, Devonshire, England

Richard de Champernon born about 1119 Umberley, Devonshire, England died after 1199

*Mabel Fitzrobert of Gloucester
born about 1118? Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

*Henry de Champernon
born about 1145 Clist Champernon, Devonshire, England
died after 1191

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source:
This is a real snarl so all of the above is best fit from multiple conflicting records.
The best benchmark is that *Henry BeauClerc- grandfather of Mabel of Gloucester
was born in 1068 and therefore she is probably born in 1118 as stated.
Many records have that she was born in 1093 the year before her father.
They are thus probably referring to *Mabel de Soligny.
Mabel de Soligny's mother is listed as Hawise de Redvers who is also listed as Jordan's wife.