*William Cantilupe
born about 1159 Reading & Ellesborough, Buckinghamshire, England
christened about 1159 Eaton Bray 1216
died 7 April 1239

*Walter Cantilupe
born about 1128 Longueville, Gersey, Channel Isles
christened Longueville, Channel Isles

*wife of Walter Cantilupe
married about 1158
(end of information)

Fulk Cantilupe born about 1161 Longueville, Channel Islands
Roger Cantilupe born about 1163 Longueville, Channel Islands
Sibilla Cantilupe born about 1165 Longueville, Channel Islands

*Mecelin Braci
born about 1163 Shropshire, England
or Harborough, Bowden/market, Warwick, England
married about 1184

*William Cantilupe born about 1185 Bowden And Market Harborough, England
died about 1240/41
Walter Cantilupe born about 1187 Ellesborough, Bucks, England died 5 February 1265
John Cantilupe born about 1189 Snitter Field, Warwickshire., England died Aft 1266
Nicholas Cantilupe born about 1191 Ellesborough, Bucks, England died after 1261
Thomas Cantilupe born about 1193 Ellesborough, Bucks, England

biographical and/or anecdotal:
. William de Cantilupe, the first of this family on record, served the office of Sheriff for the counties of Warwick and Leicester in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years of the reign of King John. In the next year he was made Governor of the castles of Hereford and Wilton, and he was subsequently Sheriff of Herefordshire. In the 11th year of the same reign, being then the king's steward, he gave 40 marks for the wardship of Egidia, Lady of Kilpeck, widow of William Fitz-Warine, and in three years afterwards, when the king was excommunicated by Pope Innocent III., he remained so faithful as to become one of the king's chief counselors. Later he was arrayed under the baronial banner, and joining in the invitation of Kong Louis of France. But within the same year he returned to the king, when he obtained grants of all the forfeited lands of Richard de Engaine and Vitalis de Engaine, two leading barons in the insurrection; and was appointed Governor of Kenilworth Castle, co. Warwick. In the reign of King Henry III. he continued attached to the cause of royalty, and acquired immense possessions in the shape of grants from the crown of forfeited lands.
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