*Joseph Howard Cameron
born 1752 Wellsville, Virginia (now West Virginia)
died 1862 Missouri
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*Joseph Howard Cameron
born 1773 Virginia
died after 1870? Missouri

biographical and/or anecdotal:
Joseph Howard Cameron's ancestors lived in Scotland. He was born in Wellsville, Virginia in 1752.
During the Civil War the state was divided, and the town was then in West Virginia.
The Camerons traveled by ox team to Saline County, Missouri in 1852.
The 1830 (Tennessee) census records, under the head of Joseph Cameron,
lists family members but no names.
One male, among others, 100 years plus went with them to Missouri.
Whether he was a father, uncle, or just a friend is not stated.
An old family-story says Howard Cameron drove an ox team from
Tennessee to Missouri at the age of 100.
When 107 he was thrown from his horse and broke his leg.
He lived three more years in a wheel chair and passed away when 110 years and 8 days old.
It's possible that this story applies to the older man living in the Cameron household as the last
census record for *Joseph Howard Cameron lists his age as 93 years and that he lived in Saline.

notes or source:
Family Group Sheet, Marie Cunningham