*Richard "the Red Earl" de Burgh Earl of Ulster
born 1259 Ulster Planatation, Ulster, Ireland
died before 29 July 1326 Athassel Monastery, Tipperary, Ireland
buried 29 August 1326 Athassel Monastery, Tipperary, Ireland

*Walter de Burgh of Connaught Earl of Ulster
born about 1230
died 28 July 1271

*Avelina FitzJohn
born about 1248 Shere, Surrey, England
died 20 May 1274

Theobald de Burgh
William de Burgh
Thomas de Burgh
Agatha de Burgh
*Egidia de Burgh
born 1263 Ulster, Ireland

*Margaret de Burgh
born about 1264 Portslade, Sussex, England
died 1304
married before 27 February 1280 Lanvalay, Connaught, Ireland

Aveline de Burgh born about 1280 Connaught Province, Ireland
Elizabeth de Burgh born about 1284 Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
died 26 October 1327 Cullen, Banffshire, Scotland buried Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
Walter de Burgh born about 1285 Ulster Province, Ireland died 1304
Maud (Matilda) de Burgh born about 1288 Gloucestershire, England died 1320
Thomas de Burgh born about 1288 Ulster Province, Ireland died 1316
Katherine de Burgh born about 1296 Ireland died 1 November 1331 Dublin, Ireland
Edmund de Burgh born about 1298 Ireland
Joan de Burgh born about 1300 Ulster, Ireland
died 23 April 1359 Friars Church, Minors, Kildare, Ireland buried Kildare, Ireland
*John de Burgh born 1286 Norfolk, England
died 18 January 1313 Le Ford, Belfast, Ireland
Eleanor de Burgh born 1282 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland died after August 1324

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